Interdimensional Craft Over Lake Huron

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November 28.2015 I filmed the cylindrical Entity/Craft that can be seen showing up throughout much of my work to date (see examples below) - w/ UFOs emerging from solar(Orbs) flare, Purple Chemtrail ) - - Interaction with a Lens Flare This clip reveals alot more than first meets the eye. See how many Alien Craft you can pick out from the clip in the final 2-3 mins. or Rather, the oddest of clouds, or clouds that should not be, if you will. This Edit is a Mobile version using iPhone/pad preset to be compared to the preset I normally use. As ive not yet posted my blog regarding the organism(s) that give the cloud that deep Amber Colour as well the surface Layer of the Lake Ill simply make mention that there is an energy transfer going on here, the dynamics of which obviously remain unknown for now. It makes me wonder if the result and purpose of this transfer to amass the enormous amout of energy needed to create the warp in space/time opening said Stargate/Portal from this side. As the energies in which i am referring you can also see throughout most of my work as well in one way or another please see below for an example of the energy in which im referrinmg to. ; the process in time lapse here; . Interdimensional Travel & The theoretical implecations : A theoretical type of starship engine, the Alcubierre drive, emulates superluminal travel by manipulating the fabric of spacetime. This can be achieved by amassing large quantities of pure energy in a section of spacetime However, the quantity of energy required would be completely impractical. Albert Einstein's theories certainly imply that the energy could be carried around as mass, yet the exact implementation of releasing the energy using materials other than antimatter is not terribly clear Since the Alcubierre drive manipulates spacetime, it is the closest theoretical space travel engine to interdimensional travel. Because modern science on Earth does not have a real concept of multiple dimensions beyond quantum mechanics and the many worlds interpretation, bending or changing spacetime itself to achieve faster-than-light travel appears to be the real-world equivalent of jumping through dimensional doorways in fiction. - The Intrepid Arts of Scott Priestap